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Bob & Tom

Songs by this artist have been performed 11 times by 7 different singers (5 registered). at Dave's shows!

Songs Available for DJ: 150
Songs Available for KJ: 3

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Song List
Song TitleYearArtist(s)DJ?KJ?VJ?
24 Seconds2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Acquittal0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Air Toros0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Amazing Dr. Sigmold, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
And God Said...0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Atta Girl Knee Pads2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Beanie the Mascot0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Beer Song, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Bijea Theater0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Blow Java2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Blow Me a Kiss2002Bob & TomYesYesNo
Bob Hit's His Head0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Breathe All-Rite0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Buzz Buzz (The Vibrator Song)0Bob & TomNoYesNo
Cabin, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Camel Toe Song, The2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Captain Dildo0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Car Trouble0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Chick Millionaire2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Chick's College Talk2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Chicky Icky Icky0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Condomnation0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Count Flatula2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Credibility Card, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Dan's Discount Dicks0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Darva Photo Shoot, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Dating0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Dating in the 90's0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Dear Penthouse 20Bob & TomYesNoNo
Designated Driver, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Dining With Dick0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Driving from Chicago0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Enema Art0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Everybody's Pissed at Me0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Fart-Rite Anal Strips2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Fish, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Flying0Bob & TomYesNoNo
From the Scene of the Shooting0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Fuhrmanator, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Girls Who Like Girls0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Graffiti Wisdom0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Greaseinart0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Guy #1, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Guy #2, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Guy #3, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Guy #4, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Guy #5, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Hair Restoration0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Harry & Senor Wences0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Harry & The Skipper0Bob & TomYesNoNo
He's My Brother in Law0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Holiday Letter, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Homeless0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Hunting for Marge2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
I Hate Christmas0Bob & TomYesNoNo
I Just Can't Wait for Christmas0Bob & TomYesNoNo
I Want a Boob Job for Christmas0Bob & TomYesNoNo
I'm a Turkey0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Ian & The Queen Mum0Bob & TomYesNoNo
In Shape0Bob & TomYesNoNo
It's All Good0Bob & TomYesNoNo
It's Gonna Be a Bad Day0Bob & TomYesNoNo
It's Gonna Be a Great Day0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Jack Friday0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Jesse Jackson0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Joe Johnson Memory Song2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Kennedy-Packwood Christmas0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Kevin Clone Jeans #10Bob & TomYesNoNo
Kevin Clone Jeans #20Bob & TomYesNoNo
Kevin Clone Jeans #30Bob & TomYesNoNo
Kevin Clone Jeans #40Bob & TomYesNoNo
King of England0Bob & TomYesNoNo
L.A. Woman0Bob & TomYesNoNo
La Cage aux Follegers0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Larry & Anna Nicole0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Larry & Paula0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Larry & Richard2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Larry King 20032003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Lease-a-Piece0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Live Again from Dildo, Newfoundland0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Live at O.J. City0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Live from NBS New York0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Live from Washington0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Live Home Christmas Theater0Bob & TomNoNoNo
Live Home Theater0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Losing Hair0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Lottery Song, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Love Medley0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Man Song, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Marge & Kathy Lee0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Marge & Santa0Bob & TomNoNoNo
Marge & The Wolfman0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Mr. Howard Cosell Live from Heaven0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Mr. Obvious and the Christmas Tree0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Mr. Obvious and the Santa Question0Bob & TomNoNoNo
Mr. Obvious T.V. Show, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
My Big Fat Greek Style Sex Partner2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
My Hairy Girlfriend0Bob & TomYesNoNo
My Life0Bob & TomYesNoNo
O.J. Simpson Christmas Album, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
O.J. Thing, The0Bob & TomNoNoNo
Old Ball Game Part 2, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Paging Richard Smoker0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Party Pooper0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Password0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Perry Had a Pimple0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Phone Call #172003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Pipeline Pat and Big Butt Bob0Bob & TomYesNoNo
PMS Alert0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Pocaheine0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Priceyline.ho0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Princess Diary, The2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Prisoner of Love1995Bob & TomYesYesNo
Pubert's0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Race Card, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Raminar-Dixon0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Reading of the Verdict, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Real Girls Doing Real Things2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Reggie0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Reporting from Atlanta0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Reporting from the Airport0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Ricardo, the Porn Star0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Road Rage & The Pope0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Rosemary Clooney0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Rubitoften2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Rush Rehab Diary2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
See Anything You Like?0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Senor Cooter0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Show Your Breasts0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Shut Up, You Bitch!0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Since My Baby Turned Gay0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Sleight of Hand0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Sodamigo0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Song Lyrics0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Spunk'd2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Stalker's Choice0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Surrender Cologne2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Survivor: Island of Queens2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Tie You Up0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Time Channel, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Toast [Live]0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Toenails0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Tom Turkey, Standup Comedian0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Totally Innocent Song, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Trophy Wife Barbee0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Under the Mistletoe0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Use a Knife0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Vehicles0Bob & TomYesNoNo
We're Officially Done2003Bob & TomYesNoNo
Well Water0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Wiper Blades0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Women0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Wonder Bra, The0Bob & TomYesNoNo
Would You Like This Dance0Bob & TomYesNoNo
You Guy's Rock0Bob & TomYesNoNo
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