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Songs by this artist have been performed 1198 times by 373 different singers (113 registered). at Dave's shows!
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Songs Available for DJ: 169
Songs Available for KJ: 103
Song Available for VJ: 5

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Song List
Song TitleYearArtist(s)DJ?KJ?VJ?
(Are You Ready) Do The Bus Stop0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
After Today1995Goofy Movie, A, and DisneyYesYesNo
Agony2014Chris Pine, and Into the Woods (Cast Of), and DisneyYesYesNo
All I Need is Love2012Cee Lo Green, and Muppets, The, and DisneyNoNoNo
An Innocent Warrior0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Arabian Nights1992Aladdin (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesYes
Aria0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Audra McDonald, and DisneyYesNoNo
As Long As There's Christmas1997Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
Bare Necessities, The1967Jungle Book, The (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Battle of Wills (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Be Our Guest0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and DisneyYesYesNo
Be Prepared1994Lion King, The (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Beauty & the Beast1991Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Beauty and the Beast2017John Legend, and Ariana Grande, and DisneyYesNoNo
Beauty and the Beast0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Emma Thompson, and DisneyYesYesNo
Bella Notte1955Lady and the Tramp (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Belle0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Emma Watson, and Luke Evans, and DisneyYesYesNo
Belle (Reprise)0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Emma Watson, and DisneyYesNoNo
Best of Friends1981Fox and the Hound (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo0Cinderella (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
Breaking Free2006High School Musical (Cast Of), and Zac Efron, and Vanessa Hudgens, and DisneyYesYesNo
Bump, The0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Can You Feel the Love Tonight1994Lion King, The (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Candle on the Water2016Pete's Dragon (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Cavern (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Chim Chim Cheree1964Disney, and Mary Poppins (Cast of/Disney), and Dick Van Dyke, and Julie AndrewsYesYesNo
Climbing (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Colors of the Wind (End Title)1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Council Meeting1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Cruella De Vil1961101 Dalmations (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
D.D.D.! Happy 65th Anniversary for Donald Duck (DDR-Disney Rave)0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Dance Magic (DDR-Disney Rave)0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Days in the Sun0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and DisneyYesYesNo
Dir gehort mein Herz1999Tarzan (Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Disco Inferno0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Do Your Ears Hang Low?2006DisneyYesNoNo
Down in New Orleans0Princess and the Frog (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Dr. JohnNoYesNo
Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes, A1950Cinderella (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Electrical Parade ~Retro Future Mix~0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Ending0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Enfant de l'homme0Phil Collins, and Tarzan (Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Evermore0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Dan Stevens, and Disney, and Josh GrobanYesYesNo
Everybody Wants to be a Cat1970Aristocats, The (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
Execution1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Farewell1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Fire0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Fly to Your Heart2008Selena Gomez, and Tinker Bell (Animated Film), and DisneyNoYesNo
For the First Time in Forever2013Kristen Bell, and Idina Menzel, and Frozen (Cast of), and DisneyYesYesNo
For the First Time in Forever (Reprise)2013Frozen (Cast of), and Kristen Bell, and Idina Menzel, and DisneyYesYesNo
Friend Like Me1992Aladdin (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Friend Like Me2011Aladdin (The Musical Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Friends on the Other Side2009Princess and the Frog (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Gaston0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Josh Gad, and Luke Evans, and DisneyYesYesNo
Getting Acquainted1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Girl Worth Fighting For, A1998Mulan (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Go the Distance1997Hercules, (Cast of Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Gotta Go My Own Way2007High School Musical 2 (Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Grandmother Willow1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Great Escape (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Hakuna Matata1994Lion King, The (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Hand of a God (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Happy Working Song2007Enchanted (Cast Of), and Disney, and Amy Adams YesYesNo
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride0Lilo & Stitch (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
He Lives in You1998Lion King 2, The, and Lebo M, and DisneyYesYesNo
He Was You (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
He's a Tramp1955Lady and the Tramp (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Heartache (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Heaven's Light0Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Tom HulceYesNoNo
Heigh Ho1937Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, and DisneyNoYesNo
Hellfire0Hunchback of Notre Dame, The (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Tony JayYesYesNo
Home1994Beauty and the Beast (Cast Of/Musical), and DisneyNoYesNo
Honor To Us All1998Mulan (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Beth FowlerNoYesNo
Hook, The (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
How Does a Moment Last Forever0Celine Dion, and Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Disney, and Emma Watson, and Kevin KlineYesYesNo
How Far I'll Go2016Moana (Cast of/Disney), and Auli'I Cravalho, and DisneyYesYesYes
How Far I'll Go (Reprise)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
How Much is That Doggy in the Window2006Lady and the Tramp (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
How to Play (DDR-Disney Rave)0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
I 2 I (From A Goofy Movie)1995Tevin Campbell, and Rosie Gaines, and Goofy Movie, A, and DisneyYesYesNo
I Am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
I Just Can't Wait to Be King1994Lion King, The (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
I Love My Dog2006DisneyYesNoNo
I See the Light2010Tangled (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Mandy MooreNoYesNo
I Wanna Be Like You1967Jungle Book, The (Cast of/Disney), and Disney, and Louis PrimaYesYesNo
I Want You Back0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
I'll Make a Man Out of You1998Mulan (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Donny OsmondYesYesNo
I'll Never See Him Again1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
If I Can't Love Her1994Beauty and the Beast (Cast Of/Musical), and DisneyNoYesNo
If I Never Knew You (Love Theme from Pocahontas)1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
If I Were the Ocean (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
If You Can Dream0DisneyYesNoNo
In My Own Little Corner1957Cinderella (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
It's a Small World0DisneyYesNoNo
It's Goin' Down2017Descendants 2 (Cast Of), and Disney, and Dove Cameron, and Sofia Carson, and Cameron BoyceNoNoNo
John Smith Sneaks Out1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Johnny B. Goode0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Just Around the River Bend1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Kakamora (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Kiss the Girl1989Little Mermaid (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Know Who You Are2016Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
L'air Du Vent1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
La Llorna0Coco (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
Les Poissons1989Little Mermaid (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Lesson Mode (DDR-Disney Rave)0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Let It Go 2013Idina Menzel, and Frozen (Cast of), and DisneyYesYesYes
Let's Groove0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Let's Twist Again0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Listen With Your Heart I1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Listen With Your Heart II1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Little April Shower0Bambi (Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Logo Te Pate0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Macarena0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Macho Duck0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Main Title Prologue Part 10Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Alan Menken, and DisneyYesNoNo
Main Title Prologue Part 20Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Alan Menken, and DisneyYesNoNo
Maui Leaves (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Mickey Mouse Club March0DisneyNoYesNo
Million Miles Away, A2011Aladdin (The Musical Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Mine, Mine, Mine1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Mob Song, The0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Josh Gad, and Luke Evans, and DisneyYesNoNo
Mother Knows Best2010Tangled (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Donna MurphyYesYesYes
Mr. Bassman0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Navigating Home (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Night of Fire0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Ocean Chose You, The (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Dog Gone2006DisneyYesNoNo
Old Blue (You Good Old Dog You)2006DisneyYesNoNo
Once Upon a Dream0Sleeping Beauty (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Once Upon a Time in New York City1988Huey Lewis & The News, and Oliver & Company (Cast of), and DisneyYesNoNo
One Jump Ahead1992Aladdin (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Overture0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and Alan Menken, and DisneyYesNoNo
Part of Your World1989Little Mermaid (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Percy's Bath1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Perfect Isn't Easy1988Bette Midler, and Oliver & Company (Cast of), and DisneyNoNoNo
Picking Corn1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Pocahontas1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Poor Unfortunate Souls1989Little Mermaid (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Pour :Les Hommes2017Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
Prince Ali1992Aladdin (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Prologue (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Proud of Your Boy2011Aladdin (The Musical Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Ratcliffe's Plan1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Recuerdame0Coco (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Carlos RiveraNoYesNo
Reflection1998Mulan (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Remember Me (Ernesto De La Cruz)0Coco (Cast Of/Disney), and Benjamin Bratt, and Pixar, and DisneyYesYesNo
Result0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Return to Voyaging, The (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
River's Edge1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Sails to Te Fiti (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Savages (Part I)1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Savages (Part II)1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Select (DDR-Disney Rave)0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Send It On2009Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato, and Jonas Brothers, and Miley Cyrus, and DisneyNoYesNo
Shiny2016Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesYes
Shiny Heart (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Ship at Sea1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Sing Sweet Nightingale1950Cinderella (Cast Of/Disney), and Disney, and Ilene WoodsNoNoNo
Skirmish1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
So Close2007Jon McLaughlin, and Enchanted (Cast Of), and DisneyYesYesNo
So This Is Love0Cinderella (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Some Day My Prince Will Come0Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs, and DisneyYesYesNo
Somebody's Got Your Back2011Aladdin (The Musical Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Something There0Beauty and the Beast (Cast of/Movie 2017), and DisneyYesNoNo
Son of Man1999Tarzan (Cast Of), and Disney, and Phil CollinsNoYesNo
Stand Out1995Goofy Movie, A, and Disney, and Tevin CampbellNoNoNo
Start of Something New2006High School Musical (Cast Of), and Disney, and Zac EfronYesYesNo
Steady as the Beating Drum (Main Title)1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Steady as the Beating Drum (Reprise)1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious1964Mary Poppins (Cast of/Disney), and Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke, and DisneyYesYesNo
Superstition0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Surfin' USA0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Tala Returns (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Tala's Deathbed (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Tamatoa's Lair (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Te Fiti Restored (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Te Ka Attacks (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
These Palace Walls2011Aladdin (The Musical Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Toe Feiloa'i (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Trust in Me2016Scarlett Johansson, and Jungle Book, The (2016 Film), and DisneyNoYesNo
TTYLXOX0Belle Thorne, and Shake It Up (Live 2 Dance) (Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Tulou Tagaloa0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Twilight Zone0Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Un Mundo Ideal0David Bustamante, and Aladdin (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
Under the Sea1989Little Mermaid (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Vacation2000Konami, and DisneyYesNoNo
Village Crazy Lady (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Virginia Company (Reprise)1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Virginia Company, The1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Voyager Tagaloa (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Warriors Arrive, The1995Pocahontas (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
Wayfinding (score)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesNoNo
We Know the Way0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
We Know the Way (Finale)0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
What a Dog / He's a Tramp0Lady and the Tramp (Cast of/Disney), and Disney, and Peggy LeeNoYesNo
What Dreams Are Made Of0Hilary Duff, and DisneyNoYesNo
What's My Name2017China Anne McClain, and Descendants 2 (Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
When Will My Life Begin2010Tangled (Cast Of/Disney), and Mandy Moore, and DisneyNoYesNo
When You Wish Upon a Star1940Cliff Edwards, and Pinnochio (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Where You Are0Moana (Cast of/Disney), and Disney, and Christopher Jackson, and Rachel House, and Nicole ScherzingerYesYesNo
Whole New World, A1992Aladdin (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Whole New World, A2011Aladdin (The Musical Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
Why Should I Worry1988Oliver & Company (Cast of), and Billy Joel, and DisneyYesYesNo
Winnie the Pooh1966Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, The (Cast of/Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Wonderful Thing About Tiggers, The0DisneyYesNoNo
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly0Peter Pan (Disney/Cast Of), and DisneyNoYesNo
You'll Be in My Heart1999Phil Collins, and Tarzan (Cast Of), and DisneyYesYesNo
You're Only Second Rate1994Aladdin 2 (Cast Of/Disney), and DisneyNoYesNo
You're Welcome2016Moana (Cast of/Disney), and Disney, and Dwayne JohnsonYesYesNo
Zero to Hero1997Hercules, (Cast of Disney), and DisneyYesYesNo
Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah1946Song of the South (Disney/Cast Of), and DisneyYesYesNo
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